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The Recipe for Business Success

Connecteam’s restaurant staff management software lets you deliver custom onboarding and training sessions, effectively communicate with your team, and streamline daily operations – so that you can run your F&B business efficiently

We help the best food and beverage businesses keep teams connected, engaged, and aligned

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See how daily operations run smoother when using Connecteam

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Train Restaurant Staff to Deliver Top Service

Ensure everyone’s knowledge is up to par with mobile onboarding and training courses.

  • Easily create onboarding courses to get new staff members up and running quickly
  • Empower your team with centralized, accessible company knowledge - such as your employee handbook, guidelines, and recipes
  • Design and deliver customized training sessions and quizzes for your employees - wherever they are
  • Get a clear overview of your employees’ progress, performance, and course completion
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Communication That Reaches Everyone

Keep your team connected, informed, and engaged with restaurant staff management software.

  • Align your workforce - whether in one or more locations - with a mobile-first solution
  • Instantly message your staff in 1:1, group, or company-wide chats
  • Share company news and updates directly to your users’ mobile feed
  • Know exactly who received and read your important updates
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Streamline Your Day-to-Day with Digital Tasks, Forms & Checklists

Arm employees with tools that make your business operations smooth as butter.

  • Create forms and checklists for any task - from daily opening checklists to inventory and food safety forms
  • Get rid of messy paperwork and digitize task management
  • Stay on top of progress and task completion at all times from your restaurant management app
  • Instantly receive completed forms and checklists to one centralized place
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Create Schedules Faster Than an Espresso

Easily manage work schedules based on your team’s availability and qualifications.

  • Save time creating work schedules with templates, recurring shifts, shift swaps, and more
  • Add important information to each shift, such as notes, tasks, and attachments
  • Avoid costly mistakes with automated scheduling error flagging
  • Have F&B employees clock in and out right from their mobile phones
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Motivate Your Team With Recognitions & Rewards

Praise employees for their hard work with digital recognition, badges, words of gratitude, and tangible rewards.

  • Recognize individuals privately or share praise with your entire restaurant staff to drive a culture of excellence
  • Celebrate team achievements and acknowledge every win, big or small
  • Reward and incentivize employees with tokens they can exchange for their favorite gift cards
  • Make employees feel appreciated and motivated to put their best foot forward every day
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Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

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