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Say goodbye to tracking time off using spreadsheets! View all leave requests from one unified dashboard, create clear policies for any kind of absence, track balances and easily deal with all things ‘time off’ while on-the-go.

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No more costly mistakes

Ditch the spreadsheets and the manual calculations, ensuring you will always be fully compliant.

Avoid sensitive errors and save hours calculating paid time off with quick automation, connected to your timeclock and your company policies. 

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Track time off balances from anywhere

Get a clear overview of time-off requests and quickly update balances - all from your smartphone.

No matter where you are, you and your staff get a clear, clean, and immediate overview of all employee days off, and the ability to update on-the-go.

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Easy policy creation & management

Create and manage time off policies for any kind of absence, paid or unpaid - and quickly assign them to predefined groups.

Manage your company’s time off policies by choosing from a variety of policy templates; or create your own.

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Everything you need to manage time off from one place

Start managing all time off tasks using one app, end to end.

Experience your new home for all things time off. Manage and oversee everything, from requests and overviews to employee information and documentation – and quickly connect to all Connecteam products and features.

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Have questions about Connecteam’s time off product?

A Time Off tracking and management app allows you to easily track employee time off – from paid vacation, to unpaid time off, any type of absence can be managed.

It’s completely up to you. We’ve made our platform as flexible as possible so that you can create and customize any paid or unpaid time off policy.

Yes! All approved time off will sync directly with your job schedules and time clocks so that you are fully ready to manage your day to day operations and payroll.

Yes, when creating a policy, you can decide how many hours should carry over to the next year.

Absolutely! All the hours and balances can be exported for reporting purposes.

Time Off is included in our HR Hub. For more information about pricing, click here.

Manage time off with one powerful app


Connecteam’s HR and Skills Hub with time off management is the best solution for monitoring attendance and tracking both paid and unpaid time off. Connecteam is specifically designed for non-desk team management of all industries and is the best way to store important employee documents, onboard and train your staff, streamline communication, and ensure compliance. Create customized onboarding and training courses for every position in your company and monitor employee progress as they complete their training from their mobile devices. You can even add quizzes to test their knowledge along the way. Easily keep track of every employee’s journey while working in your company with the timeline feature, which displays important events and course statuses as well as when they were completed. You can also recognize and reward employees for a job well done, celebrate achievements, and show employee appreciation with customizable, digital badges and gift cards to their favorite retailers.